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Our products are handmade from high-quality materials by the most skillful artisans in the industry.

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Every detail is designed to perfection for an immaculate style and supreme comfort.

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We’ve spared no effort to creating our products in extremely limited quantities, guaranteeing that you’ll truly own an exclusive piece

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Our most luxurious eyewear frames features specialized diamond cut lenses that first became popular in Europe during the 1990s. Each lens is handmade in United States by our master lens crafters.


Justin Lamon diamond cut lenses are custom made using the highest quality optical lens known as Trivex material. This lens type is extremely durable, lightweight, and scratch resistant. We use high-definition tints that are 100% UVA and UVB protected. Our signature logo is engraved on the lens using a high-graded optical laser, and is filled with acrylic paint before it is cleaned and polished for its brilliant shine.

The Sky Blue Tracksuit and the Custom Champagne Diamond Cut Master of Arts Frame.

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The Royal Blue Acetate Satin Blend Tracksuit and the signature Brigade Eyewear.

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"Make a commitment to your image! Adorning yourself in refined attire will attract the necessary people for meaningful conversations."

— Justin Lamon